1. Must do when visiting Maui!
    Reviewed by: Margarita, 2017/05/17
    Hawaii is perfect for snorkeling! I have done it many times before, but I have never had a chance to get so close to sea creatures. Molokini Island is a moon shaped underwater volcano crater and it is one of the most famous snorkeling destinations in Hawaii. Hawaiians take good care of their ocean and have many rules to obey in it and one of them in not to touch anything in the water, which I just...more
  2. Worth the money
    Reviewed by: Jeannette Halaska, 2017/05/15
    My 1st time and it would be hard to beat anywhere else. Jeremy was great so was Butters my daughter's instructor. They were so fun and excellent instructors. We both celebrated our birthdays so that was definitely worth the money and have great memories for it. The only thing that I think should be emphasized is to not leave with out ID. Maybe a sign or reminder from the instructors??
    Oahu / Waikiki North Shore Skydiving
    • Proof of dive
      Proof of dive
  3. Fun way to see Kakaako!
    Reviewed by: Mr. Anonymous, 2017/05/15
    The Beer n Bites tour is a great way to build up an appetite for great food and amazing craft beer! The bike is pretty slow, so it's the perfect ride for talking story with your fellow pedalers and taking in the sights as you cruise past the various murals of Kakaako. It still takes some effort to pedal, though! The art around Kakaako is unique and vibrant, and our guide informed us that the mu...more
    • The Bike
      The Bike
    • Honolulu Beerworks: food=good, beer=excellent!
      Honolulu Beerworks: food=good, beer=excellent!
    • Murals
  4. Had a time of my life!
    Reviewed by: Margarita, 2017/05/15
    I have always wanted to see dolphins out in the wild and swim with them in the open ocean. I have heard of the tours where travellers are offered to swim with dolphins in the pool, but this is a completely different experience. We have travelled to several snorkelling spots before our speed boat started to make its way to a place where Hawaiian spinner dolphins are usually resting. Our captain was...more
  5. Highlight of my trip to Hawaii!
    Reviewed by: Margarita, 2017/05/15
    Swimming with Manta Rays has been on my bucket list for a very long time. Seeing these beautiful creatures swimming next to you was absolutely unreal! As you can only spot Manta Rays at night we went ...more