1. My Wife's favorite Activity
    Reviewed by: First Timer, 2017/05/25
    My wife and I are in our mid-fifties so we cant do the extreme sports or activities. We still wanted to do an activity in Hawaii so we chose Rock a hula and we couldnt be happier. The food was very tasty, they even had a pig like they do in traditional luaus. My wife really enjoyed the coconut fish and the desserts. The dinner was a 10! The show included amazing impersenators of Elvis and Micheal ...more
    • Elvis!!!
  2. The Perfect Evening w/Family
    Reviewed by: Nise, 2017/05/25
    Let me start by saying, I'm not easily impressed. From the start, with our pick up the staff was friendly and accommodating. Our pick up driver was on time. Being that we were also brining our small 9mo old we were ruining a few minutes behind yet, he kindly waited. We got there and were escorted to the theater. While we waited for dinner they put on a little show with hula dancers. Once we were ...more
    • One of the very best shows, I've been to!
      One of the very best shows, I've been to!
  3. The best experience ever!!
    Reviewed by: Clover, 2017/05/25
    This was my first time snorkeling and Dan was a great teacher! He guided me through everything and made sure we were ready before heading out to the waters. I'm so glad that he was our guide..I don't think I would ever be able to do it without him. If you want to learn how to snorkel and see some beautiful fishes and turtles go with Blue Hawaii Divers!
    • First time snorkeling
      First time snorkeling
  4. I didn't want to get my hopes up..
    Reviewed by: Jill, 2017/05/24
    My brother and I have long been shark fans. As a keen diver I've seen the occasional reef shark but wanted to see something bigger. We went out on the boat (limited to 6 of us) and after a short ride arrived at the site where we spent probably half an hour by the boat (holding onto the lines) then free swimming and diving with Galapagos and Sandbar sharks (around 40 at one point but always at l...more
    • Obviously not the real thing!
      Obviously not the real thing!
  5. A MUST do!!
    Reviewed by: Peggy, 2017/05/24
    This was an amazing experience. The staff was so helpful and entertaining. We heard a lot of historic info about the farm and its operatiion along the way. The equipment , platforms, rope bridges, and rapeling lines were awesome. The views were absolutely breathtaking! It was one of my favorite activities I did while on the island!
    • Welcome, you are here
      Welcome, you are here
    • Picnic tables with awesome cliff tree
      Picnic tables with awesome cliff tree
  6. Hawaiian Hospitality
    Reviewed by: Jersey Girl, 2017/05/24
    My driver was very accommodating, seeing that I had two extra bags then what I came to the island with. Very informative on departure information, what the airport would and would not allow me to bring back to the mainland. And above all very entertaining, sung native songs to me through out our informative conversation. I can not wait to bring my son to Honolulu and use your services again :)
    • Caught a glimpse of a rainbow, while heading to the airport.
      Caught a glimpse of a rainbow, while heading to the airport.
  7. Awesome sunrise tour
    Reviewed by: Bob n Kathy Carlson, 2017/05/23
    This was breathtaking. Our tour guide Nettie was spectacular. She made the tour outstanding. Her positive attitude and her story telling was amazing.
    • Here is one of the pictures of the sunrise
      Here is one of the pictures of the sunrise
  8. Fabulous helicopter ride
    Reviewed by: Marg from Australia , 2017/05/22
    We travelled from Australia with our friends and took a helicopter tour of the volcano. The trip was amazing !! The pilot was informative and very knowledgeable. He had some great jokes and made us feel very safe. I would really recommend this trip to anyone.
  9. Second time within a year doing this.
    Reviewed by: -PAUL-, 2017/05/22
    Had a great time the first time, I did it again. I did the same thing, got bicycle and rode to the end of Lanikai beach to find that spot I first saw, a secluded beach to myself. However this year was high tide and didn't have the beach, but still enjoyed to peace and quiet though. From there, I traveled all the back to Kailua, and kept on going north until it was time to go back. Then choose Bobs...more
    • back in 2016
      back in 2016
    • this time in 2017
      this time in 2017
    • Lanikai Beach farthest point
      Lanikai Beach farthest point
    • Overlooking Kailua (North)
      Overlooking Kailua (North)
    • Overlooking Kailua (South)
      Overlooking Kailua (South)
    • Overlooking Kailua (Further South)
      Overlooking Kailua (Further South)
  10. First time to this part of the island.
    Reviewed by: -PAUL-, 2017/05/22
    I did the Makapuu lighthouse and Hanauma Bay. I wonder how many people do the Makapuu lighthouse hike for the light house? I was disappointed to hear that we were not allowed in the lighthouse, but that didn't matter. Where you go on the hike takes you higher than the lighthouse, therefore a much better view. I probably won't do this again only because I already did, not that I didn't enjoy it. ...more
    • Makapuu lighthouse
      Makapuu lighthouse
    • Makapuu (North)
      Makapuu (North)
    • Makapuu (North)
      Makapuu (North)
    • Makapuu (South)
      Makapuu (South)
    • Hanauma Bay
      Hanauma Bay
    • Hanauma Bay
      Hanauma Bay
    • Hanauma Bay
      Hanauma Bay
    • Hanauma Bay
      Hanauma Bay
    • Hanauma Bay
      Hanauma Bay