1. Wonderful meal and View
    Reviewed by: Larry H., 2017/05/20
    Not many restaurants on the water along Waikiki Beach, but this is one and it's great! We particularly liked the "cook your own" feature. The quality of the food was very good, the staff eager to help and the view was excellent. We opted to eat there that night because the Holokai Catamaran sunset cruise starts and ends right next to the restaurant. It was a wonderful combination! We stepped off t...more
    • View from the Shorebird Restaurant
      View from the Shorebird Restaurant
  2. Very happy
    Reviewed by: Renae , 2017/05/19
    Thank you to the tour guild (I've forgotten his name :/ ) He was very knowledgeable, easy going and a wonderful guide. This is great of your alone, or in a group. The drive up and back was filled with cool facts about where we were going and what we were passing. I have no complaints, it was a great morning:) thank you
  3. The Best time I've had in Hawaii so far!
    Reviewed by: Dan Downey, 2017/05/19
    As a lifelong Space Nut, I've been reading about and looking at photo's of and from these Telescopes for decades but seeing them with my own eyes was something I had only dreamed of. And in such an amazing setting. Call me crazy but this far outstrips a day at the beach which you can do just about anywhere. This tour was well worth it, for me at least.
    • Subaru, Keck 1 and 2 and NASA
      Subaru, Keck 1 and 2 and NASA
    • Subaru Telescope
      Subaru Telescope
    • Keck 2 closeup
      Keck 2 closeup