1. Trip Highlight
    Reviewed by: Ralph, 2017/01/20
    Our family did many things during our week on Oahu, but this was the highlight of our trip. We were on island for a very special and personal situation. All involved in booking the trip were very helpful and thorough. Great confirmation and follow up communication. Capt'n Mark and Sammy were fantastic hosts aboard the Ho'O Nanea. We sailed out on time and saw multiple whales, a Galapagos shark and...more
  2. Very fun!
    Reviewed by: HI Convert, 2017/01/19
    Had a great time! As others have said, lots of wait time but you can spend it sunning or snorkeling. We had read the other reviews and knew to take Dramamine. Many others had not and felt sick. We felt great and would recommend this activity. Bought the photo video combo. Great work - only disappointment was we were missing solo wife pics. Still a great value.
    • Rider in the water
      Rider in the water
  3. Best money spent!!
    Reviewed by: HI Convert, 2017/01/19
    Amazing!! A "must do" for any new visitor. Even my spouse who lived here before saw things that he had not seen before.
    • Start of 60 min tour
      Start of 60 min tour