1. Fabulous helicopter ride
    Reviewed by: Marg from Australia , 2017/05/22
    We travelled from Australia with our friends and took a helicopter tour of the volcano. The trip was amazing !! The pilot was informative and very knowledgeable. He had some great jokes and made us feel very safe. I would really recommend this trip to anyone.
  2. Awesome excursion..despite the rain!
    Reviewed by: Mark, 2017/05/21
    A rare opportunity to see, touch, and walk on lava fields AND to see live lava!
  3. The Best time I've had in Hawaii so far!
    Reviewed by: Dan Downey, 2017/05/19
    As a lifelong Space Nut, I've been reading about and looking at photo's of and from these Telescopes for decades but seeing them with my own eyes was something I had only dreamed of. And in such an amazing setting. Call me crazy but this far outstrips a day at the beach which you can do just about anywhere. This tour was well worth it, for me at least.
    • Subaru, Keck 1 and 2 and NASA
      Subaru, Keck 1 and 2 and NASA
    • Subaru Telescope
      Subaru Telescope
    • Keck 2 closeup
      Keck 2 closeup
  4. Great chance to see the lava
    Reviewed by: Margarita, 2017/05/17
    We had a really small group which was really enjoyable. The World's most active volcano has been constanly spurting lava in the water for the past 30 years making Big Island bigger by day. This place still is very safe, as the lava is very lazy here, even if new eruption starts right next to you, you still can slowly walk away making selfies all the way. Unfortunately we didnt manage to see any ac...more
  5. Highlight of my trip to Hawaii!
    Reviewed by: Margarita, 2017/05/15
    Swimming with Manta Rays has been on my bucket list for a very long time. Seeing these beautiful creatures swimming next to you was absolutely unreal! As you can only spot Manta Rays at night we went ...more
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